There Has To Be A Better Way!

And, there is. We have talked to multiple companies that focus on taking photos of vehicles at car dealership, just like we do. Most of them are using the software that the dealership uses and uploads directly to that system. These systems are basically designed for dealerships and in-house photographers but it doesn't streamline the other aspects of managing photos, billing payroll, overlays, marketing images, etc.

Using multiple software suites can create a logistical nightmare. Not only do you have to become familiar with multiple software platforms, but the photographers are gaining access to the dealer's inventory, pricing, cost, and much more. The liability of that alone is scary.

Some companies managing multiple dealerships / photographers are using spreadsheets to keep track of what they should be billing and paying for. Monitoring some of these companies, we noticed that they are billing and paying multiple times on units that have already been shot. We are not even taking into consideration the time involved with reconciling all of that data. Wouldn't you rather be growing your company? Running it instead of having it run you?

Our software will save you time, money, increase accuracy and provide you with a platform that will help you grow.  

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